About Us

Communication Associates, LLC is a private practice providing individualized Speech, Language, Occupational and Physical Therapies. With a combination of over one hundred years of experience, we acknowledge the individual needs of each and every client and work closely with families, providing supportive home therapies.

We specialize in pediatric and adolescent therapies at our Collegeville office and are proud to offer the most innovative therapeutic techniques. We treat all speech and language impairments with a specialty in Language Processing  and Executive Function disorders, Apraxia and therapies with emphasis on Autism Spectrum Disorders.  We appreciate the relationship between language development and language learning skills associated with academic achievement. Subsequently, we are providers of alternative therapies such as Fast ForWord, Interactive Metronome and pragmatic social skills groups.

Our Occupational Therapists are versed in therapeutic techniques that address Sensory Processing Disorder as well as motor coordination and planning disorders, vestibular dysfunction, visual perceptual and fine motor impairments. Their input assists our therapeutic speech and language intervention, when applicable, allowing more productive and efficient outcomes.

Our Physical Therapists provide valuable input regarding gross motor development. Fun and family friendly techniques are provided after each therapy visit, for all therapies, to provide the maximum benefits from each therapy session.

Our adult therapeutic division provides services to geriatrics in the home and other off-site facilities.  We treat voice disorders as well as swallowing, speech and language disorders associated with neurological impairments.

Karen Clapper, MS CCC-SLP/L, Director, offers an extensive amount of experience in completing Independent Educational Evaluations and consultative services regarding your child’s language learning needs.

Our Services

We are proud of our vast knowledge of all therapeutic interventions. We are proficient with therapies used to treat the following impairments.

  • Teletherapy Services
  • Specific Language Impairment
  •  Non Verbal Language Impairment
  •  Impairment of Social Skills and Social Cognition
  •  Apraxia
  •  Auditory Processing Disorder
  •  Sensory Processing Disorder
  •  Impairments of the Executive Functions
  •  Stuttering
  •  Voice Disorders
  •  Vestibular Impairments
  •  Difficulty with fine motor skills
  •  Difficulty with gross motor skills.
  •  Visual Perceptual Impairments

All of our Speech Language Pathologists hold Certificates of Clinical Competency. All Therapists, regardless of their discipline hold state licenses and all background check documentation. In addition, most therapists are active members of their national, professional organizations.

Insurance Companies we Accept

Most often, speech language and occupational therapy services are a covered benefit of your medical insurance. We are proud providers of the following insurances and will be glad to bill for your convenience.

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Personal Choice
  • Keystone Health Plan
  • Aetna
  • Cigna

If your insurance is not listed, we may still be able to bill our services. Please contact our office for more assistance.